Hey there,

This is a sacred space that used to be filled with an archive of my history. It has shared many stories, life event updates, reflections, and ridiculous photos over the years. In recent days, it has been forgotten among other platforms. Perhaps I’ve grown lazy. Tired. Perhaps I simply don’t enjoy the art of working on my own website anymore with working on so many other web properties every day.

The internet still matters to me. It’s still a sacred space for me. I’m still passionate about using technology to empower the Kingdom. I’m also still very particular about design, code cleanliness, and care for these sacred spaces.

Having neglected my own domain for several years, I felt it was necessary to properly update the home page with something a little more simple with resources to point you where I actively post about the happenings in my life.

I’m hopeful someday I will return to make this something great. For now, please find me on the incredible platforms listed below.

  • Twitter – Daily life happenings.
  • Instagram – Terrible photos shot on my iPhone X.
  • Facebook – Important life events and ramblings.
  • Medium – Blog content and other thoughts (mostly streaming and dev related).