YouVersion Webcast | Nov 16, 2010

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They set out to change lives and never realized what it would turn into!  It’s everywhere – a phenomenon.. and it’s something that you “just want to read more and more”.  It’s truly transforming the way we do discipleship!

Terry Storch and Bobby Gruenewald hosted the live Webcast at and filled us in on many things.   Here’s a big overview of things:

The Bible app was in the iTunes store the first day, even though it took until November 16, 2010 for the Beatles to finally get in.

Over 10 Million devices have the Bible app installed!

History of the Bible and YouVersion

  • Bible was written from about 1400 – 90 AD  about 400 AD it was compiled together into the Bible
  • After, the Church said it needs to be in one language- so they put it in Latin
  • Hundreds of years later- John Wickliff translated it into many languages
  • Now over 2,000 languages has some of it translated, but there are over 6,000 languages
  • When the printing press was invented, it enabled the Bible to be massed produced and distributed several hundred years ago
  • The printing press was nearly created to make this happen
  • Surveys show that 90% of people want to learn more about the Bible but only 22% of them actually read it
  • In 2006, Bobby was in an airport and was thinking about what could be used to spark a revolution in Bible engagement
  • The initial idea:  could any type of media be used and associate it with a verse?
  • In the Spring of 2008 they launched the mobile version – it was simple but they saw increased traffic
  • In July of 2008 – the iPhone app was launched (they expected
  • Every 2.8 seconds, 12 people install the app while 12 other people open the Bible App on their mobile device.  WOW.
  • 100,000 new users came in just this past weekend.
  • There are 9 platforms that are being developed right now!
  • There are “8 1/2” people that work on the YouVersion team, but there are over 200 volunteers

Some New Changes Rolling Out

  • Notes will be coming all the mobile platforms now
  • You can take private journals and make contributions at
  • Merging the journals and contributions into one notes area on the mobile platforms
  • On Nov. 19 notes come to and along with a new Christmas reading plan
  • Following week it will appear on the Blackberry, 3rd week will be Android then 4th week will be on the iPhone and Palm devices
  • Audio and Video notes will come in 2011 (can make those public or private)
  • Reading Plan platform will be expanded by categories (with topics) and devotionals
  • Reading Plans will also have more social engagement which will hit at the end of 2010
  • Badges will be created for Reading Plans for social networking
  • Highlighting will be coming to the application (because highlighting and bookmarking have been shown to work well together on their platform) – Coming first quarter of 2011
  • Update going to Microsoft’s phone on November 16, 2010
  • Find out more at


  • Q Will you be able to listen to Youversion Bible?  A Yes, it’s complicated but it’s going to be coming.  4 Bible translations have been secured with a launch on the Android platform towards the end of 2010.  Then it will be spread to the other platforms over time.
  • Q Are you working on the ability to bookmark multiple verses for the iPhone and iPad app?  A You can now do bookmark syncing, which means that it syncs with you whatever platform you are on, as long as you are logged in.
  • Q What about Windows Phone 7?  A It is available on the Windows Phone launched the day that the Windows Phone went live
  • Q What platform has the most app usage?  A Goes the iPhone, Android then BlackBerry
  • Q Can other be involved in the development?  A YES!
  • Q Any plan on reference guide for Life’s Tough Questions?  A It will probably be in topical Reading Plans that are coming soon
  • Q How is YouVersion funded and how can others contribute?  A It has been funded by because they believe in the Missional use of technology.  But over the past year, private foundations, individuals and churches have come to help accelerate this growth.  Now at you can give financial contributions.
  • Q Are people using this in countries that they aren’t supposed to?  A Absolutely!
  • Q How are you seeing YouVersion impact lives?  A People are reading it and they keep hearing that people are reading it and it’s giving them something easy to read and then they share it with their friends and family… so this is ultimately changing a perspective of what the Bible is.


  • Is it possible to completely flip the trend of turning from God?
  • They want to see 1 billion minutes of people engaging with the Bible in January 2011
  • Make the Bible visible around this Christmas season to make it very visible.
  • “Share the Bible Day” on Christmas 2010
  • Reading plans being used by every ministry network possible and every person possible

You can watch the re-broadcast at

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