The Move

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I am officially finishing up an excellent and busy (yet productive) day around the small town of Fortville.  It has been so amazing to have grown up in this beautiful town and I cannot wait to come back and visit- but I am most definitely looking forward to what is just down the road from here!

Tomorrow I will finish loading up the car and making the three hour drive up to the house I will be staying in as I am an intern at GCC.  I feel truly blessed to have been placed in such an awesome home in such an amazing church with some fabulous people!  God is working so much in the lives of so many up there- and I cannot wait to learn, work, and experience everything that is about to come.

I ask that you continue to keep praying for not only myself and for a safe trip up to Elkhart and working in Granger, but also for all of the people who are already working up there, making an impact in that community for Christ.

Just a few people worth checking out:  the staff at GCC


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