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How often do you take a moment to stop and just reflect on life? I wish I could tell you that I often stop to think about my life. The unfortunate news is that I am very much an “in-the-moment” kind of person and often forget to stop and look at why I do what I do. And if what I’m doing is on focus with my mission.

This past week has given me a lot of time to myself after my car was rendered un-drivable last Friday. The mechanic won’t get a chance to get to it until Monday, so until that time I am left catching rides from friends, walking and spending a quality amount of time in my place. This “extra” time, however, has been an incredible blessing. I’ve gotten to get a lot of work done, read some fascinating stories and catch up on knowing who I am more.

The latest reflection has been my about these last two years. Shockingly it has now been over a year since I made that long journey to Central Florida to become an intern at Northland. Which, by the way, opened up an opportunity for me to get a contract position to stick around after the internship. And before that I was interning at Granger Community Church in Northern Indiana. But let’s not forget that only happened because I took time and reflected on life and realized my selfish plan for going into music was not going to be able to glorify God and help lead others to Christ.

I’ve reflected and now I think it’s time to start asking the question “what’s next”? When I moved to Plymouth, IN (a two hour round trip journey from Granger Community Church) I remember being scared about my situation but also super excited because of how uncomfortable I was. My largest prayer at that time was asking God to never let me get comfortable doing ministry. You really can tell if you’re ministering effectively: if you’re 100% content then you should probably be looking for another way to reach this world for Christ.

So that leaves me standing here in this moment. What is next for me? I’m in Central Florida so I’m praying for God to fully use me here. Some of which is obviously at Northland through the Digital Innovations team, being on the worship team and through coaching our students. BUT that’s also using me in my work in the hospital ministry through Orlando Health as well as with relationships I’ve formed with local churches, organizations and businesses. And my prayer is audacious – that God will really use me through all of these avenues to walk beside others in taking their next steps in Christ. Whether that’s the times I get pulled over for picking up “drifters” or praying with the woman who just lost her mother at the hospital.

I’m ready and anxious for what’s next. I don’t know that it will be a major move across the country like the last time I had this feeling but I do think God is up to something and I’m listening and patiently waiting for what He has planned for me next.

But for now I plan to continue to seek after God and continue doing ministry right here where I am. And if I get a chance to do ministry then of course I’ll seek to figure out if it lines up with what God has in store for me. I have no doubt God will give me the strength to do amazing things. But more importantly- I have no doubt that if you ask for this same thing, He’ll show you the way.


  1. Geoff,
    I love this! More importantly I love your desire and willingness to be used by God in so many different ways. It’s a privilege to be part of the team with you.

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