Not How I Planned It

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This weekend has forever changed my life. When I say forever changed my life – I literally mean this has been an eternally impacting weekend and I’m more than grateful for it. But before I get too ahead of myself, let me say that it isn’t over yet.

I am currently sitting in my living room listening to “Beautiful Things” by Gungor, a song that changed my view on many things this weekend while I was at Christmas Camp 2011. God has awakened my soul in ways I never expected. I journeyed to Christmas Camp last Thursday with Northland’s high schoolers as an adult leader. I expected to have some moments of beauty with God but I didn’t expect to be shown as much as I did. The best part of God revealing something to you is that He usually does it when you least expect it, and that’s exactly how this weekend has gone.

This weekend I met some amazing people from Brazil. Twenty-three people from their church in Manaus came to Christmas Camp with us this year and these amazing people have truly helped change my heart. I’m not sure why but I was completely included in their group throughout Christmas Camp and now even after.

This week is Passion 2012 and I have a ticket, a parking spot at the Georgia Dome and a room. I should be wrapping up my time in my Community Group as I’m writing this post to head back to the Dome to watch the David Crowder Band…but instead, I’m in my living room.

I’m a little sad I’ve just thrown over $200 out the window from everything I’ve purchased to make it to Passion but I’m way more than thankful for an opportunity I’ve gotten to make financially. Because of this more than fantastic opportunity, I’m unable to physically attend Passion this year. It was semi-disappointing at first but now I’m seeing a larger picture of what God’s up to and it’s SO exciting!

Tomorrow night I’ve been invited to have dinner with my new friends before they head back to Brazil. In a few days a few of them are sticking around to run a half-marathon at Disney and it may be possible for me to go support them, which would be rewarding in many regards. While I’m typically not up for being someplace at 4 a.m., I think this one will be worth it.

So this week isn’t going as planned but God is showing me much through it all. I’m grateful for what’s going on outside of what I had planned. It always seems to be when God shows you more.


  1. That is sad that you are not going to Passion 2012 when you have a ticket. You may be able to get someone to buy it from you if you post it on Twitter or Facebook, and you can also watch it live online too. 🙂

    Glad that you are doing what God has called you to do.

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