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Around this time a year ago I had a pretty good idea of what the rest of my life would look like. I was heading off to Anderson University to major in church music. When I was done with college I was going to get a job as a Worship Pastor in a smaller church – definitely no more than 800. It was pretty planned out until I had this crisis. What was the crisis? Well, I was the one making all those big decisions for my life instead of wanting and listening to what Christ was calling me to.

By the time July 2010 had come around I had no clue what life was going to bring. I let my selfishness stop what Christ was calling me to do. I was not on a path that was glorifying Him, but instead, just glorified me. The great news is that I was surrounded by incredible men and women of God who helped me refocus and remember why I had such a passion for ministry. It wasn’t about me but rather about enabling a movement of Christ in this world.

By the time August 2010 had come around I was no longer headed to Anderson University but instead was talking to Mark Meyer at Granger Community Church about the possibility of making a move to Northern Indiana. To save some time…I moved to Northern Indiana and became an intern at Granger Community Church in October and have been here since.

But here is where the new chapter in my story begins. On June 1, 2011 my internship at Granger Community Church will officially be over. I have absolutely enjoyed every moment of every day being with these amazing people in Northern Indiana! From the blizzards of the winter and delivering literally tons of food to the community, the online worship experiences I’ve led and those teams I’ve helped lead, the Elkhart site and designing their lights for services, my routine tasks, the thousands of emails I’ve sent to and users, setting up/tearing down events in the building, sweeping floors and all the other things I was able to do. I have enjoyed every moment serving with these incredible people of God in Northern Indiana and I couldn’t have asked for a better year!

Now to the purpose of this post. I have been searching for several months for what I will do once my internship is over on June 1. I obviously cannot stay around without a home or money (even though I love it here). With that – the plan has been to move back to Central Indiana and find a church that I could be heavily involved with…possibly even finding a church to intern at through the summer. But in all reality-there was never any idea what I would really get to do after June 1. It was likely I’d move back in with my parents and just kind of go from there.

There was a lot of prayer and a lot of talking with leaders and role models in my life to make a decision to continue to pursue being in a church. I just wasn’t sure what that looked like if you would have asked even three weeks ago.

But today I come with some incredible news sharing with all of my readers that there is now a next step in ministry and I could not be more excited about it! A few weeks ago I was contacted by Nathan Clark who is someone that serves at a church that I have looked up to for many years.

Nathan and I began talking backing in December or so which is where he learned about my internship at Granger Community Church and all the amazing things I’ve been able to be a part of because of this opportunity at Granger.  A few days ago I had a second Skype call with him and another man that serves on the team at the church Nathan works at. The reason for our first phone call was for Nathan to tell me about an opportunity in a ministry and I was up for listening.

This call a few days ago was both Nathan’s church and I pursuing this ministry opportunity and finalizing details about making this “talk” a reality.

On June 1 I will pack up my things and head back to Central Indiana…but I will only stay there for a few short days with my family. On June 5th I will be relocating to…

Drum roll…

Longwood, Florida as I begin an internship at Northland Church.

Yes…I will be heading down to FLORIDA.

I am obviously VERY excited about this opportunity to take my next steps with Northland Church down in Florida. I am sure Florida’s summer will appear pretty warm compared to Northern Indiana’s winter, but I am none-the-less excited about this opportunity!

I hope you will pray for me as I begin taking the appropriate next steps to make the move to Florida possible. I will be posting throughout May about memories from Granger Community Church as well as the new things I learn about my internship at Northland Church.


In Christ,

Geoff Hensley

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