Last Day in Northern Indiana

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Tonight marks the last “normal” evening as I wrap up my internship at Granger Community Church. Today was almost an odd rendition of what life’s been like over the past seven months or so since I’ve been in Northern Indiana serving on a team with incredible people for God. I had the privilege of experiencing my first meal at Hacienda with Austin Fox-Welter, which is apparently something I should have done months ago but was never really told about it until…well…this week.

After working on an exhaustive list of videos to be transferred to a new platform I ended my day completely satisfied that there was a mutual impact on both myself from GCC and on GCC from myself. I really have loved every moment I have had the chance to play a part in God’s Kingdom while being at Granger. I am eternally marked by the mission, vision and values I gained at Granger. I don’t think there could have been any place better for me to have ended up than in Northern Indiana serving a God who is constantly on the move.

I am absolutely excited about my next journey at Northland, A Church Distributed in Central Florida – but at the same time – I’m also conflicted. I know God has one massive plan for my life which apparently includes getting an amazing…AMAZING…opportunity to serve at Northland but at the same time I don’t want to leave Granger. My life has literally been eternally marked by the opportunities I have had in Northern Indiana. While I know I will never get some of these opportunities again, I couldn’t be more honored to have had the chance to serve here over the past 7 months.

Tomorrow I get one more opportunity to observe God’s holy communion and a time of reflective-worship (with hymns) at Granger’s First Wed service. If you’re up in Michiana, I’d get to First Wed! It’s going to be awesome!

God is amazing and sure knows how to show me that even when I think something is probably going to be a fail – He uses it to completely re-shape my vision of who He is and what He’s done in my life.


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