I’m Using A Mac! (3 years later)

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It’s been a couple weeks since I last blogged. Since I’m not a pro blogger, I can only allow for so much blogging time a week. And I’ve been using that said time to manually import blogs that I’ve written around the web since back in 2007 (that I could find). It’s been an interesting (and hilarious) project as I tackled my past and began to see just how much of an amateur I really was (and realized how much I still am).

I think I’ve completed all of the imports which are not all fully “re-released” on geoffhensley.com just yet, but with the future of the site I’m sure you will see them around. Since I’ve been looking back through the past I figured why not pull one out of the archives and let you experience me in 2008. So here’s a post a wrote back in 2008 (an excitement that I may still actually consider allowing to stand).

Exciting news everyone,

For the first time being NOT at school, I am on a mac.   But sad news… it’s not mine and I only have access 2 it for another day n a couple hours :(…. but o well, it is a great experience!  You know, mac’s are just one of those things that you just crave.  I have a Toshiba Satellite, so movin up to this for a day is boosting me.

So there it is – my first true taste of using an iMac. Apparently they’re just one of those things you “crave”. Fortunately I now use a MacBook Pro on a daily basis thanks to what I’m doing at Northland, A Church Distributed. I also have an iPad – another Apple product I never would have thought I’d even consider possessing.

Technology is awesome, however I believe the 17 year old Geoffrey just expressed that addictions to awesome technology can really hinder yourself beyond what we can use the tools for. I was posting because of my excitement to use an item for a few hours. So why, then, did I not ever post about baptisms or ways that I showed Christ’s love. Unfortunately, I think it’s evident that my focus at that time was more on the media and the technology than it was embracing those tools to use for His Kingdom.

My new mission statement:  To embrace technology to empower the Kingdom.
A statement I pray remains in my focus for years to come.


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