I’m Doing It.

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In 2012 I’m doing things differently. It isn’t a new year’s resolution per se, but more of a transition in another area of my lifestyle. As noted in previous blogs, I’ve been making a transition in my physical health and lifestyle.

Some confession: for so long I’ve been terrible at reading the Bible. It’s always been difficult to sit down and read letters that were written thousands of years ago. But I’ve been finding this recurring theme after I read those sacred texts: my heart seeks to be more like Christ.

It’s been just over a year now that I started diving into the Word on a daily basis and giving some time to reflect on what I read, thank God for what He’s done and put what I’ve read into my heart to apply it to my life the moment I’ve read something from the Holy Bible.

This summer I was reading in 1 Corinthians where it talks about how the Holy Spirit actually resides in us. I’ve heard this so often, but this hit me so hard over the summer. The fact that our body is a temple that literally houses the Holy Spirit. WHAT?! Yet I eat delicious chocolates, eat fast food on a nearly every day occurrence, drink carbonated soft drinks (the list definitely goes far beyond this)…I am destroying my body. We’ve seen it time and time again in the news of what eating junk does to the human body – and yet that same body is housing the Spirit of the living God? Why is this okay?

Well…I’m not sure it really is and because of that I’ve been making lifestyles changes to honestly seek to find more of God. There are obviously rewards for living a better lifestyle – one being that I’ll probably be less likely of disease and have a better chance for a longer and healthier life. But the big one that gets me every time I think about this is – what better way to show God how much I appreciate what He has done for me other than to just honor the temple that houses Him?

But 2012 brings much more than just a healthier lifestyle. While I’m still not fully there on living healthier, I love the encouragement I have from the people around me. But through this I’ve realized just how obscure I am from a community. Oh yea, there are a lot of people around me all the time, but I think in a lot of ways I’ve turned my back on allowing others to come into my life and help me become more of a man of God.

I don’t think this was an accident – I think it’s been done intentionally by myself over the past few years but I’m not sure why. I probably don’t do it on purpose all of the time but it’s become part of my nature that it happens. And I let it happen. I believe we are created for relationships and it’s important to maintain those relationships with God and with one another.

On that note, things are going to begin changing. My site, my posts and the way I interact in social media will begin to look a lot different in 2012 (but even beginning now). I am asking for some feedback on this one though because I’m not sure if what I’m going to do is going to work and I’m certain it will take you to help make it happen.

You’ll see what I mean…


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