Finalizing A Notable* Trip

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This morning I got an incredible email!  It was from the Bob, the Staff Support Services guy at Granger Community Church.   It was so that I could fill out the “boring” stuff of getting on staff at any place, but it was very thrilling for me since the email began with “Good morning Geoff….  Congratulations on your internship at Granger Community Church (GCC)!”

So it really is official, if you don’t know, that I will be leaving mid-September and traveling up to Granger, IN to be an intern at Granger Community Church!  It truly is an exciting time for me as I journey through this.  It will be a rough financial year, if my forecasting is correct… but it will be a year full of learning and gaining experience in a church and building even a deeper understanding of who Christ is.

I am very excited for this opportunity and I hope you will pray for me as I journey on an experience such as this!


Geoff Hensley


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