Everlasting Memories | Part I

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The past 6 months have really changed me in a variety of ways. The most obvious to you being the fact that I moved 3 hours away from friends and family to take an internship at Granger Community Church. But this isn’t the key point of this post (since I blog about that a lot) but instead is a post of reflection.

Over these past 6 months I have experienced nearly a dozen deaths within families that are very close to mine. Earlier today I read a post from a close friend about missing his mother and just remembering those small yet impacting memories on his life with his mother who passed away on September 2, 2010.

(I have asked and received permission from this family to post about them and give you some of their story.)

Donna Scearce was a friend of my mother’s and the mother of two of my closest friends. I remember some of the trials their family experienced in late August/September as Donna was in those final days here on earth. God honestly had some major plans working in the entire state because if it had been that I would have began my internship when it was expected, I would have missed a very crucial and everlasting memory with Donna.

Donna had been in the hospital for about a week when my mother and I went to visit her on an early Tuesday afternoon. She looked great to be honest- she looked relaxed and calm and couldn’t have been more excited to see us walk into her room! Her husband was about to make his way up for a small operation she was about to undergo, but we were able to keep her company in the mean time.

Adam had seen her that weekend but had gone back to CCU in Ohio but she was beyond herself on how excited she was she got to spend some time with him. Erik would be arriving that following weekend to spend some time with her and she couldn’t wait. Now for something that I have not yet told Adam or Erik, but have been wanting to- their mother absolutely loved them. She literally would not stop talking about how accomplished she felt for raising sons that were in college- both of which are devoted Christians. Adam is off at a Christian University to become a youth pastor to work with teens to show them Christ. Erik is studying Consumer Sciences but honestly plans to BE the church in schools… just awesome.

To this day I haven’t forgotten Donna telling my mother and I that no matter where she is or where her life goes, she was 100% sure that Adam and Erik would lead lives devoted to Christ and that nothing would stand in their way. That they would make it through college and live a full life in a manner pleasing to God… and most importantly- one that makes her the proudest mom that there has even been.

That day was the last day I was able to spend time with Donna and talk with Donna. We left the hospital and life went back to normal for us.. but just for a few short days. Donna was able to go home and be with her cats for a little while before transitioning to walk with Jesus without worrying about a pain she had lived with for her entire life. Donna lived a life with a heart that wasn’t as strong as most, but man she lived that life with integrity and trust in Jesus and I am so glad I was able to get to know her.

Donna’s husband, Robert (or Bob as she called him) was not a Christian prior to her meeting her Maker… but it fills my Spirit to know that Bob hasn’t missed ONE Sunday (after not going for years) after Donna’s passing. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour and if that isn’t a testimony, I don’t know what is! I know that Donna leaped (maybe even started running in excitement) with all the others in Heaven when Bob accepted Christ into his heart.

UPDATE: (3/21) Yesterday Bob was given to Christ through baptism and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with him and his boys at this time! GOD IS GOOD.

Over the next few weeks I want to blog about some of the families that have lost loved ones and the experiences I’ve had inside these. These stories are touching and may hit you in a hard place, but I hope that these stories will bring you as much (if not more) encouragement as they have me.

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