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**At the end I have a challenge for you, so make sure to read up and find out how you are going to impact**

I have realized just how clueless I truly am these days- even just having graduated high school in less than 5 months ago, I have lost all sense of basic skills (even figuring out how long it’s been, I really did use my calendar on my computer to go back months because in my head I did not want to waste the time to count backwards the months…. wow).

Thinking through how this blog post, it was supposed to be easy and fairly well organized, just saying how the internship has been going and what I’ve seen and been doing, etc. but has instead turned into about how “dumb” I have become since I stopped paying attention in school… whenever that may have occurred (and see, I just used spell check to get the word “occurred” spelled correctly.. wow).

This has taken on a level that is blowing my mind, in some sense, but I have a strong feeling you are probably like how I am right now- technology has provided so much for us to use so quickly, that it is so much simpler to type a few words and get an answer than to think and process how it should go.

Making me think about all of this was logging into my site and going to create this new post, I figured I should create some catchy title (since I really take just mere seconds to come up with a title for my posts) and so I went to Google, like always, and typed in “Creative Title Generator” and the first one on the list was this forum page about someone finding this site for a Title Generator.  Naturally, I found myself clicking the link and heading over to create this fancy title to catch your eye as you came to my site.

The directions in this generator make sure you know that in order to prevent mistakes, you need to make sure all that all adjectives and nouns begin with a consonant.  Okay, no big deal- I know what a consonant is, it’s the hard letter ( says:  a speech sound produced byoccluding with or without releasing (p, b; t, d; k, g),diverting (m, n, ng),
or obstructing (f, v; s, z, etc.) theflow of air from the lungs ( opposed to

But… as I go down to begin to insert the words, it says insert an adjective, and I was certain it was one of those “helper” words to a noun, but wasn’t sure- so I looked it up ( says: a word whose main syntactic role is to modify a noun or pronoun, giving more information about the noun or pronoun’s referent.) I chose the word “fantastic”.

Alright, now it was time to insert a verb ending in “ing”, which verb is an action so I added the word “Arranging”.  Then off to a plural noun- plural meaning more than one and noun is a person, place, thing, or idea… and I have retained all of that information, which is a plus.

Now add a preposition…… a WHAT?  I remember the word, but I don’t use these words in my every day language, so I naturally just forgot.  …go ahead and laugh, but I am not the only person out there that is clueless… or am I?  I AM CLUELESS.  ( says:  A preposition links nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence.)

Now back to another adjective, noun and Plural noun, so I chose Amazing (since I very much enjoy the word), GCC and People.  Then it says to pick “A” or “The”, so I chose “A”.  Then a noun (I chose Geoffrey) and finally a verb ending in “ing” (I chose Collaborating)

I generated it, and here are my results:

Title One: Fantastic Videos Of Amazing People
Title Two: A Amazing Geoffrey
Title Three: A GCC Of Fantastic Videos
Title Four: Fantastic Geoffrey
Title Five: A Collaborating GCC
Title Six: Arranging People
Title Seven: Collaborating Videos
Title Eight: Amazing Arranging
Title Nine: Arranging for People
Title Ten: Collaborating and Arranging

Now, personally, Title Four is the best, but I don’t think that would be a very good way of reaching people for Christ if I am self-centered…  Title Two is sort of the same, if only I had chose “The” instead of “A”.  …but really, I won’t post JUST about how amazing I am 😉

For all the work (of course the researching of what all of that stuff is) is a lot of effort instead of throwing a generic title up there.  So here’s what I want to do.

Send me some titles and I will start blogging about the subject matter of the blog titles.  Of course I cannot use all of them right now, but I will save some of the titles and use them later down in the road.  When I do this, I will use the tag:  titleit  so we all know who really came up with the creative title (the brilliant readers of

Real fast-  internship is amazing and I love working with the creative brains at GCC!  As Twitter said, I completed my first project today (that took a while, but I’m getting the hang of it) done, so go check it out!

Many Blessings!

Geoff Hensley

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