Bethel College Revival Breaks Out

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For the past 7.5 hours, there has been a movement of God happening at Bethel College and all I can say is that I am blown away by what is happening. I wasn’t made aware of what was happening until about 2:30pm today as I sat working on a few projects at Granger Community Church and twitter started to blow up with reports of what is happening.

I visited Bethel just last week as I sat in their beautiful auditorium to watch Cinderella put on by their amazing performing arts folks. While I was there, an older lady sitting to my left was talking with me and another lady before the show began as she was praying for the students and faculty at Bethel and that she hoped God would use the people [there] for His glory. At the time I honestly had the “aw- that’s cute of her” kind of momentum behind her thoughts and desires.. but I did not expect something this amazing to happen!

Today I have watched dozens of students and faculty come before the crowd and confess things from drug use to sex addictions. You know it’s a movement of God when a student can go before their peers with absolute hope and strength in knowing that God is the one who forgives and gives the strength to move on. I am only a few miles from Bethel but have only been watching online and have been blown away by what’s been happening in that space. God has absolutely been moving and shaping students and staff.

I had to step away from the feed for about an hour but was once again overwhelmed when I came back to see a student playing a guitar and leading those who are there in a time of musical worship. At this time of this posting (around 5:30pm), I am amazed to see a mini-band having formed on stage to lead in music. I believe this has impacted a lot of students, staff, and even others around the world (based on the Twitter feed)

I pray that this continues to resonate inside all those experiencing this. God has a HUGE plan and it will be incredible to see it unveil a little more over the coming months. The lives of these people will never be the same.

UPDATE: You should know that their chapel services begin at 10am and this has been a non-stop movement that has been continuous throughout from about 10, lasting until about 5:30pm. At this time (around 5:30pm) they are starting to wrap this up but will be offering a continued service later this evening at 9pm.


    • I am a sophmore at Bethel, and just to let you know, the revival continues. God has been so wonderful, and people have been experiencing freedom and reconciliation all day today. 🙂 Pray that it will continue, and over spring break we will have the courage to spread this to everyone at home 😀

    • Dear Becky,
      I got my Bethel magazine yesterday and read about the revival there…GOD bless each one of you as you go farther in Him…the world all around us is pretty bleak but GOD is still in control of whatever happens….as we become the sheep that He desires to have a realtionship with, may GOD give us the desire to be the servants He has called us to be…may your relationship with Him grow closer and closer…
      Love you in CHRIST!!!

  1. Geoff,
    Thanks so much for spreading the word about what God is doing on our campus! We pray it will continue to impact our community, including GCC and all of the churches in the area. Please pray for our students as they prepare to go on spring break next week, that they will carry the fire with them and spread it wherever they go!

    Erin Kinzel
    Assistant Director of Marketing
    Bethel College

    • Fellow-servant,
      As GOD reveas Himself to you in a closer relationship..may your whole area just rock with His goodness…the church walls are coming down and GOD is moving among His people….May you be bright lights to a dark world..brighter each day…until JESUS comes….

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