A Journey to Remember.

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I have some exciting new to share today! But before I get there, I want to back up and take a look at what’s happened since graduating high school in the Spring of 2010.

In July of 2010 I was in Orlando at a convention with my youth group. On this trip I decided that God was calling me out of pursuing a Church Music major. When I got back to Indiana, tables quickly began to turn from heading off to Anderson University in the fall of 2010 to becoming an intern at Granger Community Church.

I was an intern for 8 months at Granger Community Church. I got to do some INCREDIBLE things up there and what a joy it was to serve alongside the men and women of Granger Community Church. My internship there has forever marked who I am and really helped shape a new vision in me to embrace technology to empower the Kingdom. I learned many things while there. On a personal level, I learned that I needed to refocus why I serve this guy named Jesus and how I was going to serve him for the rest of my life. It was here in Granger that I realized God had been telling me that I was supposed to work in a church, and so I kept pursuing that.

On June 1, 2011 I completed my internship at GCC and headed back home to Central Indiana for just a few short days. On June 5th I arrived in Central Florida and began a two month internship at Northland, A Church Distributed. Little did I know that my 20th birthday present would be a lunch with my bearded boss offering me the opportunity to stick around and join his team.

Now here we are in early July 2013 and I’m turning 22! I have now been at Northland for just over 2 years and have absolutely had a blast serving in a vast variety of ministries both at Northland, A Church Distributed and through Orlando Health. I’ve gotten such a unique opportunity to learn and to partner with very brilliant people at Northland who’ve given me some amazing insight on leadership, ministry and technologies. I could never fully express how awesome my experience in Central Florida has been.

So here comes the big news! On July 15, I will begin my new position as the Web/Interactive Director of Creative Journey at JourneyChurch.tv in Norman, Oklahoma.

Wait. What?! Yes. I’m moving to Oklahoma … in just a week! This certainly hasn’t been an easy decision to come to. In fact, it’s taken half a year to finally say yes and make the difficult choice to leave Central Florida, a place very dear to my heart, and pursue what God has next for me by accepting Journey’s offer to join their amazingly talented team. But while I will miss Central Florida, I am SO excited to get to the Oklahoma City area to continue doing what God’s given me passion for.

This will be my last weekend at Northland. While it’s sad, I am so excited to worship with them one more time with the people I’ve gotten to spend these last couple years with! Join us Saturday at 5, Sunday at 9a, 11a, 5p or Monday night at 7 (EST) at http://northlandchurch.net/worship

Curious about JourneyChurch.tv? You can learn more about them and what they believe on their website (http://journeychurch.tv).

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